Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anger Management Training? Nah...Jail the Bastard!

Motorcyclist accused of ramming RI cop _ again

May 26 2009 07:23PM CDT

Mark Costa faces charges for allegedly ramming a state trooper with his motorcycle, the second time he's been accused of such a crime. Costa was arrested early Tuesday morning for allegedly striking Trooper Mark McGehearty, who was trying to stop the motorcyclist for speeding. Costa was clocked on radar doing 95 MPH in a school zone.

Police said Costa turned off his lights to evade police officers, refused to get off his bike, then revved the engine and hit McGehearty. Both men were treated at local hospitals, MeGehearty from being struck by the motorcycle, Costa from being beaten senseless by 8 cops who arrived on the scene to assist. They said Costa, a small man who weighs about 125 pounds, put up fierce resistance and the 8 officers had called for backup assistance when Costa finally was rendered unconscious by several hundred baton blows to the head.

The 35-year-old Costa faces several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon (the motorcycle?) and operating on a suspended license.

In 2007, Costa pleaded no contest to charges that he struck another trooper with his motorcycle.

Costa was jailed Tuesday when he could not make bail. It was unclear whether he had an attorney. It was unclear whether any attorney would represent him. Several attornies in the courtroom when Costa was arraigned expressed a wish that Costa "rot under the jail." Apparently Costa stiffed several local attorneys in the past for their fees and had a brief affair with the wife of of one of them.

The maximum time Costa can be retained in the county jail, if his bail is not paid and no attorney will represent him, is 45 years.

Costa was unable to make a statement because his mouth is wired shut after his jaw was broken in several places while being subdued by the 8 officers. He also sustained 27 other fractures of various bones but was expected to recover within 24-36 months.

Milt Milthouse reporting from Karachi.

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