Monday, May 4, 2009

Speechless in Nebraska - Drunk Woman Runs Amok With Car

Police: driver caused $26K damages, arrested. Her car>>>

May 02 2009 02:26AM CST

Police say a woman arrested in Nebraska on suspicion of drunken driving hit fences, garages and a house as she left a $26,000 trail of destruction.

Sgt. Ed Watts says the woman's car struck a fence while she was trying to turn into an alley Thursday night. He says the car next hit a utility pole and then a garage while trying to turn into it. Wyatt says the car then crossed a yard, rammed a fence and hit a house and garage. A witness to the carnage remarked, "Suspicion of drunk driving...? Hell, she was drunk as a skunk."

Police say they arrested 58-year-old Fremont resident Janis Brown, who posted a $200 bond and was released from jail. Authorities say the woman's car also had about $25,000 in damages.

Attempts to reach Brown for comment Friday were unsuccessful. There is no public listing for her phone number. A neighbor said he thought she had fled to Costa Rica. "She don't have much to look forward to around here no more," he added.

Betsy Bottomhouse reporting from Omaha


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