Sunday, May 24, 2009

Topless Doughnut Shop?

Nudity complaint near Maine topless doughnut shop

May 24, 10:49 AM (ET)

VASSALBORO, Maine (AP) - Prosecutors will review a complaint that a waitress from a Maine topless doughnut shop was outside the business without a shirt on.

The Central Maine Morning Sentinel says a state trooper was sent to the Grand View Topless Coffee shop on Saturday after someone called in a complaint. Police say no one was charged, but the matter has been turned over to the district attorney for review.

It's unclear whether nudity outside the cafe is prohibited.

Vassalboro had considered banning nudity altogether after the shop opened in February, but officials now are proposing to specifically regulate where, when and how such businesses may operate. The revised ordinance comes up for a vote June 8.

A regular male patron of the doughnut shop, speaking on condition of sobriety, said city officials were hypocrites. "They go to some other town to watch nude dancing and maybe even go with an expensive prostitute. They just don't want to let the little man get a free titty show with his morning coffee. Hell, I think anybody should be permitted to walk around naked if they want to. Everybody already knows what they've got under them clothes anyway."

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