Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome Back Joe Milano - Calzone or Assault and Battery To Go? - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We all remember Joe Milano, who pistol whipped a customer at his Florida Pizza Restaurant for complaining when the order delivered to his home turned out not to be what was requested. Joe lost it and attacked the customer and a friend when they came to pick up a promised refund.

That was bad enough, but Joe, who enjoyed a lengthy association with the New York Mafia, before moving to Florida under the federal witness protection program after ratting out his former employers, members of the Bonanno crime family in New York. Joe, who has acknowledged having an anger management problem, blew his cool and his cover when he attacked and pistol whipped his own customers and was arrested by Florida police. (See earlier story in this blog, dated Jan. 27.) Here's the latest news about the beleagured Joe.

Joseph Milano, owner of Goomba's Pizza in Palm Coast, Fla., was in the federal witness protection program for squealing on Bonanno crime family members in New York but lost his anonymity in January when he was arrested for allegedly pistol-whipping a customer who had dared to criticize his calzone. [New York Daily News, 2-7-09]

In late breaking news it was announced by a spokesman for the Bonann0 crime family that Mr. Milano was scheduled to be slain within the next 24 hours. Funeral arrangements were on hold, pending verification of his death. When assasinated, Mr. Milano will leave a wife and two children, ages 12 and 9, all residents of Palm Coast, Florida. With the termination of Mr. Milano's federal witness protection, all three are expected to be murdered, in revenge.

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