Sunday, May 31, 2009

Driver Delivers More Than Pizza!

Pizza Guy Saves
Rape Victim

Rapist Blows It With Pizza Craving>>>>

Pizza Guy Spots Bound Woman Looking to Escape, While Rapist Pays Delivery Charge, And Leaves Tip

Chris Turner normally wouldn't drive into the remote Tennessee mountains just to deliver a pizza. The one time he did, he came upon a scene that drained the color from his face and made him "numb from head to toe" _ a woman with her hands tied, silently begging him to call 911.

It was no joke, and Turner, 32, rushed to a nearby house and made the call. Police say the woman was jogging in her Atlanta neighborhood when she was whisked away by a man who frequented her business. Authorities say he drove her off, raped her and held her captive inside a cabin. The 24-year-old woman was rescued by Sevier County deputies on Tuesday evening because of Turner's quick thinking.

Turner told reporters that: "While I was standing in the door all you could see was the back of the couch. And then, while the guy was signing the credit card slip, she popped over the back of the couch and showed me that her hands were bound. And she was just mouthing, 'Please call 911.'"

"At first I thought it was a joke; that they was doing some kinda kinky stuff, like role playing you know?"

"But when I saw that woman with that butt ugly guy, I realized something was going on and I went numb from head to toe and turned pale white," he said.

Turner tried to look calm. "Have a nice day. Enjoy your food," he told the suspect, who tipped him $5 on a $37.69 bill. Then he rushed back to his van, where his wife, Nease, was waiting behind the wheel.

"Go, go, go!" he told her. "Why, why, why?" she shot back. Exasperated, Turner told he had seen a serial killer. "That got her going," said Turner.

The couple realized they were out of cell phone range. So they drove to a nearby house and called police. They waited to make sure the suspect didn't flee. Then Turner stayed to see the man arrested and the victim taken away in an ambulance. "I wanted to make sure she was OK," he said. "I wanted to ask the guy how he liked his pizza, now?"

The woman told authorities she was jogging near her home about 11:50 a.m. Tuesday when a frequent customer at a restaurant and bar owned by the woman and her husband asked her to take a look at his new car. She got into the vehicle, which turned out to be a rental, and a big mistake as she was immediately grabbed and tied up.

She told police the suspect drove her more than 200 miles to the cabin in Tennessee and raped her. Then he ordered pizza and asked what I wanted on it.

Police arrested David J. Jansen, 46, of Snellville, Ga., without a struggle on charges of aggravated kidnapping and rape, Sheriff Ron Seals said in a statement. Jansen was released on an $800,000 bond late Thursday. He immediately drove to the nearest Pizza Hut and ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese. His attorney, Donald Bosch of Knoxville, had no comment Friday.

Capt. Jeff McCarter refused to discuss the case Friday. But earlier he told The Mountain Press newspaper that officials believe the woman was in imminent danger. Duh!

The victim and her husband visited Turner at Capelli's Pizza and Subs in Gatlinburg before heading back to Atlanta on Wednesday. "She was just thanking me ... for trusting her," Turner said. "She said he was going to kill her ... after he got done with her."

Turner's boss, John Henry, said the cabin was about 30 miles from his pizza shop.

"We usually don't go out that far," he said. "It takes too much gas and time. But this time I said, 'Yeah, I will take it.' It was just luck. For her, it was."

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