Wednesday, July 8, 2009

High School Cheerleader Robs Disabled Youth Who Was Raising Money for Charity

Disabled Youth

Cheerleader stole $187 from wheelchair-bound Georgia boy

JULY 8--A popular teenage cheerleader stole $187 from a wheelchair-bound boy who had earned the money selling t-shirts for a charity, police charge. Chelsea Steele, 17, shown above, was arrested last Friday, a few hours after she allegedly robbed Joseph Green at a Marietta, Georgia community pool house where Green was "selling t-shirts and hats...for charity," according to a criminal warrant.

Steele, who attends Sprayberry High School, is listed as a member of the school's varsity cheerleading squad in a roster available for downloading from the school's web site (though it appears that her name was scrubbed elsewhere from the site following her July 3 bust). Steele is facing a felony robbery count (she was also hit with an underage alcohol possession rap). Police are investigating whether Steele had accomplices, since she was spotted fleeing the pool house in the company of a friend, with whom she departed the area in a Ford Taurus.

Steele declined to make any statement other than to say she needed the money "more than that crippled dude. He can always peddle some more t-shirts but I needed that money immediately."

A police spokesperson declined to comment, saying, "there went Steele's cheerleading career. She'll be lucky to get into a community college, now."

Hundreds of generous individuals and families called, offering to donate money to help the Steele family relocate to another state, preferably in the far West, so Chelsea Steele can go there when she is released from prison.

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