Saturday, July 11, 2009

Randy British Couple Upset Neighbors With Noisy Sex - All Night Long

Family says it could be forced out by neighbours' loud sex

Marc and Lisa Thompson, a pair of young prudes, claim they could be forced to move out of their home in Finstock, Oxfordshire, because of their new neighbours' noisy sex.

08 Jul 2009

The Thompsons say they have been woken repeatedly in the night since the amorous middle-aged couple moved next door to their home five weeks ago.

Their seven-year-old daughter India even had to switch bedrooms to escape the din, which her parents claim is an invasion of their privacy.

"I don't want India to go to school repeating what she hears to her friends, which will then look bad on us as parents," Mrs Thompson said.

The family approached their married neighbours who agreed to move their bed and place a wardrobe next to the thin adjoining wall, but the Thompsons say the late night commotions have continued. They say it sometimes sounds like a gang of cats in heat and that the woman emits a piercing scream when she has orgasm.

West Oxfordshire District Council refused to get involved, saying that the noise was related to "fundamental domestic activity", and the family is now considering moving.

"We would like to stay where we are but we cannot put up with it," Mr Thompson said. "We'll probably lose money on the sale of our home, because we have a duty to inform prospective buyers there is a pair of noisy sexaholics living next door.

The neighbouring couple said they have tried to quieten down and insisted they had done nothing wrong.

"Why should we not make love? We are married, there is no law prohibiting married couples from having sex in their own bedroom. We even invited them (the Thompsons) to come over and join us. The Thompsons can wear earmuffs; we have four grown-up kids, at our age it's good that we can do what we want," they said.

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