Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Southwest Airlines or Just Bad Karma?

Scorpion stings passenger on Phoenix-to -Indianapolis flight

Only a few days ago on this blog we published a story about a SW Airlines flight from Nashville to Baltimore that sprung a hole in its roof at 30,000 feet, enabling some passengers to look up into an unobstructed view of the universe. A few passengers were thrilled by the prospect of sudden death, others not so much. Now comes the following account of a family of poisonous scorpions that hitched a ride from Phoenix to Indianapolis and bit a passenger for good measure just before arrival. Are these two seemingly unrelated incidents due to pure chance or something more sinister?

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Southwest Airlines says an Arizona man was stung by a scorpion that hitched a ride on his carry-on luggage and delivered its sting just before his flight landed.

Forty-four-year-old Douglas Herbstsommer of Gilbert, Ariz., wasn't seriously injured Sunday when he was stung by a venomous Arizona bark scorpion while going through his luggage.

He was treated at Indianapolis International Airport.

Southwest spokeswoman Marilee McInnis says the Arizona bark scorpion and five baby scorpions hitched a ride from Phoenix to Indianapolis aboard Herbstsommer's luggage.

The scorpions were killed after the flight landed, in a naked display of vengeance, and the jetliner was fumigated as a precaution. Bark scorpions are venomous, but their sting rarely causes death, except maybe their own.

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