Saturday, July 25, 2009

Man Grabs Restaurant Cash Register and Runs Off Down the Street

Fla. cops catch man running with cash register

Jul 24 2009

Authorities caught a Lake Worth man running down the street with a stolen cash register. Greenacres police reported that a 32-year-old man entered a restaurant Thursday afternoon and asked for change for a $10 bill. When the cashier asked to see the bill, the man reportedly began screaming, "I want change!"

Police said the man then grabbed about $40 from a tip box, picked up the cash register containing nearly $300 and ran out.

The officers who arrested the suspect after a short chase had just come from reviewing surveillance footage at a nearby convenience store, where lottery tickets had been stolen a day earlier. By chance, the officers identified the man as the thief from the footage.

The man was not difficult to identify because of distinctive tattoos mentioned by the restaurant cashier and similar tattoos appearing on the man in the surveillance tape from the convenience store.

The man was being held on $21,000 bail for multiple charges.

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