Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Cow" Discovered Taking Nude Moonlight Dip in Backyard Pool

Nov 18 2009

SPARTANBURG, S.C.— It wasn't the daughter, it wasn't the mom, both were inside, fast asleep. But the South Carolina mom, Kathy Wydareny, heard a giant splash in her backyard and rushed out with a flashlight to find out who was using her pool in the middle of the night, especially since it was covered for the winter. To her astonishment she discovered it was one of her neighbors, who indeed was frolicking in the buff in the pool. The neighbor weighs 650 pounds, which explained the loud splash. But it didn't explain why her hefty neighbor had chosen her pool to go skinny-dipping.

Wydareny, fearing she would be unable to assist her 650 lb neighbor from the pool, where she was floundering, and fearing for her neighbor's life, called the county rescue team. And it's a good thing she did so because it required 5 able-bodied men and a sling to remove the rotund neighbor from the pool.

Once out of the pool, Wydareny immediately recogniz;ed her neighbor. The neighbor, clearly embarrassed by the situation, declined to respond to reporters' questions but did not appear embarrassed by her total lack of clothing as photographers' cameras flashed. (See photo of neighbor above.)

Police escorted the neighbor home and Wydareny declined to press charges, saying she wasn't sure why her neighbor needed to take a swim that late but neighbors had to stick together and help one another out. Police also declined to issue the neighbor a citation for indecent exposure.

WSPA-TV reports that the cow fell into Kathy Wydareny's covered pool on Monday night. The Anderson resident said the cow belonged to her neighbor.

Information from: WSPA-TV,

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