Monday, November 9, 2009

World's Greatest Bar Fight, Ever -- No One Killed or Injured -- Authorities Regret The Lack Of Deaths and Hope For Better Results In Future Brawls

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In a Toledo, Ohio bar, in October, 2009, there took place what can only be described as the all time world's greatest bar fight, in which no one was injured or killed. Words can't describe it; it must be seen to be comprehended. The average IQ of the participants must have been 12. Note especially near the end, the young dude with the hood who jumps back and forth like a puppet on speed, taking an occasional pistol shot through one of the bar's windows. If he wasn't on speed he should have been.

Officials here in Toledo have developed a policy of no or slow response to similar incidents. "It's the quickest was to get these people off the streets, permanently," said a Toledo alderman who requested anonymity. Ha, what a joke. He's dumber than a brick if he thinks we're giving him anonymity. His name is Howard Brewbottom and you can get his address and phone number by contacting the Toledo Police Department.

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