Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fresh Meat for Nation's Roadkill Cafes Allowed to Spoil As a Result of Improper Storage

Rotting deer carcasses in Pa. yard raise ire of neighbors, authorities

Nov 17 2009

KITTANNING, Pa.— Hundreds of rotting deer carcasses in a southwestern Pennsylvania yard are causing a stink among the neighbors.

Randy Good of North Buffalo Township has a contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to remove the animal carcasses from roads in five counties.

Good says he has been picking up 50 to 100 carcasses a day. To cope with demand, he has been dumping a few hundred at a time in his yard. He says weekend landfill closures and a broken truck have worsened the backlog.

Neighbors a half-mile away say they have resorted to burning candles in their homes to mask the stench.

Good says he has gotten a trash container that will help, but it will take a week or two to remove them all.

Good added fuel to the fire by sending an email to his complaining neighbors that contained the above photo of Good, with a caption beneath it saying "Kiss This."

Local prosecuters were poring over law books to try to discover if Mr. Good's email had violated any state or federal obscenity laws.

The Dept. of Transportation refused to cancel Hood's contract. A spokesman for the department, who was unauthorized to speak, said Good was the sole bidder for the carcass contract and it had no one to replace him. The unauthorized spokesman further stated that it was a judgment call whether it was worse for a few neighbors of Mr. Hood to be offended or for the motorists of five counties to be dodging dead deer carcasses on their daily commute. "It's a no-brainer," said the unauthorized spokesman.

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