Saturday, November 7, 2009

Montana Doomsday Group Loses Chief Doomsayer To Ordinary Illness

Doomsday Sect - It it doomed or still waiting?

Nov 06 2009

A Marie Antoinette look alike?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When the charismatic prophet/leader of a doomsday organization that predicts an end to the world via holocaust dies, what happens to Doomsday? Does the doom simply vanish with its predictor?

What kind of a Doomsday is it when it allows its principal prophet and predictor, Elisabeth Prophet, to escape the holocaust via a very ordinary earthling death? It scarcely seems fair to those left behind to continue to worry about Doomsday for the remainder of their lives and then have to die through it, too.

With doom apparently on the back burner for now, the primary issue is who gets to control and keep the 750 persons underground rooms, dug into the side of a Montana mountain, on a 7,500 acre spread in Paradise Valley, fully stocked with food, medicine and water, for those still around when and (now a big IF), Doomsday finally arrives? The legal squabble for control of the doomed assets probably will last until Doomsday, or the assets are fully depleted,whichever comes first. What a pickle?

FILE-This undated file photo provided by Mouth Public Relations shows Church Universal and Triumphan leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet addressing a group of followers.

(AP Photo/courtesy of the book Prophet's Daughter, Lyons Press, Chad Slattery,File)

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