Friday, November 20, 2009

Famous Super Model Makes Surprise Appearance on Bizarre Stuff!

Renowned fashion model, Heidi Klum,left, makes surprise visit to Texas blog.....Top right, Monique Negler, Miss France, 1956 Former girlfriend of blog owner, Jbo

Nov. 20, 2009

In a surprise visit that caught even her publicist off guard, gorgeous German supermodel Heidi Klum (now Samuel) walked in, unannounced, at the Bizarre Stuff studio and asked to speak to Jim Cornehls, the creator and moderator of the zany website. Jbo, as he is known by friends and followers of his blog, was awe struck by the beautiful Ms. Klum and invited her into his office to discuss her visit.

When the pair emerged after about 30 minutes, jbo escorted the famous model to a limousine waiting outside the door. Kissing jbo lightly on the cheek, Ms. Klum entered the limousine and sped away.

After regaining his composure, jbo explained that the drop-dead gorgeous Ms. Klum, who is married to the entertainer, Seal, and very recently gave birth to her 5th child, had dropped in to say she has been a follower of the blog for more than a year, and never misses one of its bizarre stories. Among her favorites, she revealed, was the story about the Barbecued Grandmother that appeared early on in the blog, in 2008, and the story about the man gratifying himself with a car wash vacuum cleaner.

The blog creator said the only other individual of her celebrity stature he had ever met was Miss France of 1956, Monique Negler, who he dated in Paris years ago. Ms. Negler became a fashion model herself, after winning the Miss France crown. She is shown above in her art salon in the south of France, at age 72, and her extraordinary beauty is still evident.

We decided to post both their photos because of the "bizarre" coincidence of their association with jbo.

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