Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Me The Way To Go Home - I'm Drunk And I Wanna Go To Bed - I Had a Bunch of Drinks About A Minute Ago And They Went Straight To My Head

Woman calls 911 to report herself as drunk driver
Nov 02 2009

NEILSVILLE, Wis.— The call came into the 911 dispatcher: "I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm drunk." And with that, Mary Strey, 49, of Granton, reported herself as a drunken driver about three miles northeast of Neilsville in central Wisconsin.

Clark County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jim Backus said Monday that Strey's call on Oct. 24 led deputies to cite her for misdemeanor drunken driving with a blood-alcohol level double the legal limit to drive. She makes her first court appearance Dec. 10.

Backus said drunken drivers reporting themselves is rare.

In the 911 call, Strey said she wanted to report a drunken driver and the dispatcher asked if she was behind the suspect vehicle. "I am them," Strey said. She then followed the dispatcher's advice to pull over and turn on her flashers, telling him she had been "drinking all night long."

When police finally located her, Strey was passed out on the trunk of her car in a parking lot. She was unable to give a coherent statement to the police but made no objection when an officer had to remove her jeans and G-string panties, which she had soiled.

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