Saturday, November 21, 2009

Latest Fashions in Women's Sports Apparel on Display In Jamaica

The girlfriends of Jamaican motorcycle jockeys caused 11 vehicular accidents in 30 minutes of cruising the Kingston downtown area. The women were showing off the latest in fashion wear for biker women but disrupted traffic so badly that it required 2 hours to untangle.

Most of the accidents were rear-enders (no pun intended) but one man was seriously injured when he got out of his car to gain a better view of the girls, while his car was still moving at 45 MPH. He was struck and run over by a gawker in the car immediately following the bikers, who told police he failed to notice the man standing in the middle of his traffic lane. The myopic driver was given a warning but was not issued a citation by police.

When police finally stopped the bikers and their women they were at a loss for what to charge them with. Jamaican law requires only that the actual genitalia be covered in public. Ultimately, the bikers and their girl friends were cited for obstructing traffic, a charge several local lawyers said wouldn't stand up in court. "These are law abiding citizens who cannot be held responsible for the inattentive acts of other drivers; I'd be willing to represent the women free of charge," said one of the attorneys, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because he didn't want his wife to find out. Yeah, right, sleazeball. His name is Basto Williams, Ms. Williams.

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