Friday, November 13, 2009

Out of Options For Getting a Date, Man Solicits Phone Sex From 911 Operator

Another Florida "Crazie," from a state that seems to be loaded with crazies, tried to have phone sex with a 911 operator because he was out of minutes on his cell phone and 911 was a free call.

Nov. 13, 2009

An oversexed goofball tried to get a date with a 911 operator after soliciting her for phone sex while masturbating in a shower. The operator was quick enough and the perp dumb enough to remain on the line until she could pinpoint his address and send the cops.

When asked why of all the numbers in the phone directory he selected 911, the man told police that his cell phone was out of minutes but calling 911 was free, something he is not going to be for quite a while, after he pleads or is convicted in a trial. Prosecutors have the recorded 911 calls in which he identifies himself, and even gives the operator his address, to make it easier for the cops to locate and bust him.

Judging from his photo above, he probably has a hard time getting ordinary dates and has developed a fetish for 911 operators.

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