Thursday, November 5, 2009

Woman in Egypt Rides Camel While Blowing Horn

Cairo, Nov. 5, 2009

In an apparent publicity stunt a woman musician rides a camel in Egypt while blowing a saxaphone.

No one seems to know why but recently the woman depicted in the photo has been riding around on a camel named Clyde playing Egyptian songs on her saxaphone.

Authorities are reluctant to try to detain the woman or even stop her just to talk about her activities and why she is doing them.

The woman and her camel disappear every night at dark and attempts to follow them have been unsuccessful, as the camel, when being pursued emits a horrifying and endless stream of smelly gas which nauseates the chasers, at least one of whom was admitted to a local hospital suffering from partial asphyxiation, dehydration and bad breath.

Officials have offered to shoot the camel, but the International Camel Protections Society, with headquarters in Budapest,Hungria, has vowed to shoot one shooter for every camel shot. Becuase of these threats, the Association has opted for a holiday week aboard a Carribian cruise ship.

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