Thursday, August 19, 2010

And the Bull Walked Around, Ole!

Bull leaps into bullring stands in Spain, 40 injured

Aug 19 2010

CIARAN GILES - AP writer and other uninvited co-writers

In the TV clip above, provided by ETB via APTN an unidentified idiot tries to hold a 1100 pound bull by the tail after it jumped 10 meters (yards) from the ring into the stands at the Tafalla bullring in Spain Thursday Aug. 19, 2010 causing panic as it lurched through the screaming crowd, charging and tossing everything it could. The bull showed its annoyance at the fool pulling its tail and turned its head sideways to try to reach its tormentor. This caused the bull to lose its footing on the concrete stands and fall on its side, pinning a young man beneath it. Regional officials say 40 people were injured when the bull leaped into the packed grandstands but this was clearly a misleading statement. Does that look like a mere 40 persons to you?

MADRID — A bull leaped into the packed grandstands of a Spanish bullring and ran amok, charging and trampling spectators and leaving 40 people injured, regional officials said Thursday.

Video showed the bull jumping several meters (yards) high out of the ring, clearing two barriers before landing in the stands and causing panic as it lurched through the screaming crowd, charging and tossing everything it could.

The 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) animal was brought under control by experienced bull handlers after several minutes and was later killed in a senseless act of barbarism and revenge. The bull had done nothing wrong and was simply acting like a bull. None of the other bulls in the spectacle were murdered.

The incident occurred Wednesday at the Tafalla arena in the northern region of Navarra during an event attended by about 3,500 spectators, in which mostly young people try to get a bull to charge at them so they can dodge it. It's similar to the U.S. street sport of dodge ball, only using an 1,100 pound bull instead of a ball. Unlike standard bullfights, the bulls are not killed in these events, except this poor bull that got pissed off at its tormentors and paid the price.

The bull had already attempted to jump into the stands twice. After damaging a horn, it was about to be returned to the corral and replaced with another bull when it tried a third time and succeeded.

The regional government said in a statement Thursday that three people remained in hospitals in the regional capital of Pamplona, best known for its annual San Fermin running of the bulls festival, another lunatic event held each July 7, involving alcohol, bulls and hundreds of fools. Many women get pregnant there.

The injured included a 10-year-old boy who was in intensive care after the bull reportedly fell on him. Another man was gored in the back and was said to be in stable condition.

In all, 40 people were treated, primarily for minor injuries.

"What could have been a tragedy ended up as a big fright," according to the seriously out of touch with reality Tafalla mayor, Cristina Sota, in a demented statement to the Diario de Navarra.

Inaki Zunzarren, who was treated for bruises, told the paper: "The bull caught me and hurled me against the (concrete) seating. What an experience! This will be a great story to tell my grandchildren. I'm so happy I attended."

Also lightly injured was 16-year-old Eneko Goyena Sesma, who said he was jealous of Zunzarren.

"I was with my friends when the bull jumped over and everyone began to run. Somebody must have pushed me and I fell to the ground. I got a pretty big fright," he said, "but unfortunately I received only minimal injuries. Perhaps next year."

The regional government said the crowd was made up largely of young people, and most were able to get away from the bull quickly, avoiding a greater number of injuries.

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  1. Does anyone know if the woman on the video ever found Raul? Perhaps he was the one underneath the fallen bull. 1,100 pounds is a lot of bull.