Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sandra Bullock Stalked by Stalker Who Still Is Stalking Her After All These Years

LOS ANGELES — A judge granted Sandra Bullock a three-year restraining order Friday against a man who has a history of stalking her and allegedly traveled cross-country to try to meet the actress after being released from a mental hospital.

(See Generic Stalker photo,above)

Thomas James Weldon was ordered to refrain from trying to contact the actress or Louis Bardo Bullock, an infant boy the Academy Award-winner is in the process of adopting.

The restraining order also protects the children of Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James. The children occasionally stay with the actress.

Bullock first obtained a restraining order against Weldon in 2003. The order was extended but expired last year because Weldon was being held in a Tennessee mental hospital.

After his release earlier this year, he traveled to Wyoming in an alleged attempt to meet the actress, according to Bullock's attorney Ed McPherson.

Weldon was committed indefinitely to a state mental hospital in Wyoming on Tuesday. Weldon believes he should not be classified as a stalker because he only wants to see the actress because she is so pretty.

"It's obvious that this fixation on her has not changed despite seven years in the hospital in Tennessee," McPherson said. When questioned by reporters, McPherson, who has represented Ms. Bullock for 7 years, admitted to having a fixation on the actor himself. But according to a former employee of McPherson, who has been shown to be an unreliable source in the past, McPherson thinks that's different because he works for Ms. Bullock.

Bullock did not attend Friday's hearing because she was not required to. She refused to make any comment about Weldon's or her own lawyer's fixations on her.

In a recent poll 64% of American males admitted to having fixations on Ms. Bullock. If all 97 million of these were ordered to mental institutions these would not be able to handle such a large influx. Additionally, these men would not be able to attend movies starring Ms. Bullock with a commensurate decline in her income.

After consultation with her attorney, Ms Bullock instructed him to file a motion to overturn Weldon's commitment. She also plans to employ the Blackwater professional mercenary group which had so much financial success in Iraq.


  1. I'm fixated on her, too. I sure hope they don't put me in a Tennessee mental institution.

  2. It would make more sense to put all males who are not fixated on her under restraining orders and in mental institutions. They clearly are unbalanced.


  3. Let's invite her to be a contributor. s