Friday, August 27, 2010

British Cops Advised To Drop Their Drawers.

Police officers are advised to ditch sexy pants - Odd News

Friday, August 20, 2010

Police officers have been told to think more carefully about the underwear they wear on duty and ditch brightly coloured pants.

Cops at West Midlands Police have also been told they should not be wearing particularly sexy undies which might get noticed, especially thongs. If an officer is down in the line of duty and has to be taken to a hospital, it could be embarrassing if he or she is wearing only a thong.

A notice was recently issued which even told them they should avoid having a visible panty line (VPL) and undies should be "inconspicuous" under their uniform.

But while some officers say they feel like they're being treated as children the force insists the advice is just that and not a new underwear policy.

One WPC said the move was so nannying she was going to join the army -- at least that's what it was thought she meant when she threatened to go commando. A police spokesman said: "There's no new force policy on underwear; if she wants to go commando that's her business but she has to keep in mind that I am required to check her underpants before she leaves the station."

"All officers and staff coming into contact with the public are asked to adopt a commonsense approach when choosing what underwear is worn so they remain smart."

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