Saturday, August 14, 2010

Question For And Invitation To Our Many Loyal Readers And Followers

My co-editor, Clavin, and I have discussed introducing a new feature to the blog. We were thinking about starting an open BizarreStuff forum in which all of you who would like could participate, discussing and debating bizarre questions, issues and occurrences. Clavin or the Graywolf could start the discussion by presenting opposing views about some bizarre issue such as inter species marriage. Suppose, for example, that someone wanted to marry a pet horse or an octopus or their beloved boa constrictor. That's just one example and the possibilities are endless.

Only a few years ago no one would have believed it possible for a federal judge in California to overturn a public referendum disallowing same sex marriages, on constitutional grounds. Today's unimaginable is tomorrow's reality.

We thought to start things off by presenting the pros and cons of non-Muslim nations banning the wearing of head scarves by young Muslim women in public schools or the wearing of burqas by Muslim women in public. But we wanted to first test the waters with you, our loyal readers and followers, and ask for your opinion. Would this be a good idea and of interest to you?

We want to emphasize that this feature would not replace the familiar, often hilarious, usually unbelievable, and not infrequently fatal bizarre occurences reported here, of which there is a virtually unlimited supply so long as humans inhabit the planet. These will continue as before, unchanged.

We were thinking this also might increase our reader base by bringing in more followers and supporters. As always, BizarreStuff will never, ever make those unpleasant requests for money made by so many blogs or websites. One of our enduring principles is that we don't want anyone's money, ever.

So let us hear from you what you think about this idea, pro or con.

Clavin and the Graywolf

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  1. Yes - great idea and engaging topic. I am very interested to hear a single "pro" for the burqa. The ONLY thing it seems to be good for is the oppression of women!