Monday, September 20, 2010

A Drink at All Costs

Improvising to get drunk is never a good idea

September 15, 2010

Three employees of Russia's legendary Sukhoi aircraft maker died in Indonesia at Sultan Hasanuddin airbase. The three men were working in the country providing technical servicing for the fighter jets, which Indonesia had purchased from Russia. Sergei Voronin, Alexander Poltorak and Viktor Safonov arrived at the Indonesian airbase on September 5th and died on Monday, September 13th.

Agus Sapriyatna, the commander of the Indonesian airbase, told the local media that the body of Alexander Poltorak had been found in his hotel room, under the bed.

Forensic experts of the Indonesian police stated that pathologists had found traces of methanol, or industrial alcohol, in the blood of the men, RIA Novosti reports. As soon as the news about the death of Russian specialists appeared, Indonesian newspapers said that the Russians had most likely poisoned themselves with surrogate alcohol. Anonymous sources at the Russian aviation industry said that it could be possible indeed, because such incidents had happened before.

The traces of methanol, which were found in the blood and internal organs of the three Russian engineers, testified to the fact that the men had taken a lethal dose of the substance.

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