Sunday, September 26, 2010

Expert on Taser Defense Fails to Stop Cops

Wyoming man douses himself in paint to avoid Taser

Sep 25 2010

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A Cheyenne man who doused himself with white latex paint in hopes of avoiding a police Taser was hit with the stun gun anyway.

The Taser chase happened Sept. 16, when Cheyenne police went to Brian Mattert's home on a domestic violence call. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that when police arrived, Mattert thought they'd use a Taser on him, so he hastily covered himself in paint and told officers that if they shot him with the stun gun, he'd die.

Officers told him the paint wouldn't affect the Taser's capability but hosed him down to remove the water based paint. According to police, Mattert scuffled with officers and climbed a fire escape ladder in an attempt to get away. That's when he was hit with a Taser twice before officers handcuffed him.

He faces several criminal charges, including indecent exposure. Police say the officers' uniforms had to be cleaned.


Information from: Wyoming Tribune Eagle - Cheyenne,

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