Friday, September 17, 2010

Prosecutor of Battering Boyfriend Tries to Hit On "Hot" Victim

Sheriff's Department)

This June 27, 2009 photo provided by the Calumet County Sheriff's Department shows Stephanie Van Groll, a domestic abuse victim whose ex-boyfriend Shannon Konitzer was charged with nearly choking her to death. A police report says Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz sent repeated text messages trying to spark an affair with Van Groll while he was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend.

The DA told her she was hot and could be a good partner for him. He emphasized that he was "the main prize" in the arrangement, with a $350,000 house and a position of respect and power. But she needed to act quickly because the offer would not be open that long.

Stephanie reported him to his superiors and said she felt pressured by him to have sex with him. A legal committee found he had not acted inappropriately and the DA now claims he's is the victim of a smear campaign and the voters could determine next election if he deserved to keep his job.

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  1. Yeah..."hot" sums it up, alright. WTF.....? Hey lady, when you drew on your eyebrows this morning, you kinda made one a "little" higher than the other. Maybe you should have taken the DA up on his offer, as I fear that might be the best one you are likely to receive....just sayin'.....