Friday, September 24, 2010

Lawyer Severely Punished For Failure To Conscientiously Represent Client During Trial

Lawyer Gets 2 Days in Jail for Snorting Coke at Courthouse During Client’s Trial

A Wisconsin lawyer, pictured here, who was caught snorting cocaine during the trial of his client, was punished with a harsh sentence of 2 days in jail. Other cocaine snorting lawyers have come to the jailed attorney's defense, arguing that many of their own clients snort cocaine or even shoot up heroin during their trials, so why shouldn't their lawyers have the same privilege. One of the lawyers claimed snorting cocaine could make your mind sharper, providing a better defense for their clients at no additional charge.

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  1. This is unbelievable that this creep only got 2 days in jail for snorting coke during his client's trial and in the courthouse, to boot. A life sentence would seem more appropriate, but maybe that's a little too harsh. What do other blog readers think? I'm also surprised he was permitted to dress like a pirate in court.