Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lustful Residents of Lustful Court Oppose Street Name Change - Urge Uptight Neighbors To Join Them in Lustfulness

Some Lustful Court residents tire of sinful street name, others not so much

Sep 08 2010

MACON, Ga. — Some residents of Lustful Court in a central Georgia community say they're tired of being kidded and want the street's sin-friendly name changed. Others oppose the name change, opining that it truthfully reflects the activities of its residents.

Bibb County Commissioner Lonzy Edwards brought up a possible name change Tuesday after receiving complaints.

Lustful Court resident Michelle Washington (see photo insert) says the name sparks laughter and confusion when she tells people where she lives. She said she makes a good, honest living in her current employment and doesn't think the name adequately reflects that.

Yoshonda Patterson says she thinks the name gives people the wrong idea about the neighborhood on the east side of Macon. She claims it makes strangers think the residents are engaging in sexual intercourse. When asked how she could explain the numerous children playing in their yards, Patterson says they all are adopted. She insists no one on the street has intercourse with anyone.

After listening to residents, commissioners decided they'll consider the change if enough neighbors start a petition. The commissioners pointed to the costs of changing the street name sign, residents having to purchase new stationary, and the ease of selling houses on the street because of the street name's appeal to lustful buyers. "There's a large market of sinful buyers out there, eager for the chance to make their mark with a dirty street name," said a local Realtor who declined to identify herself on the grounds of anonymity. A phone call to a local realty office revealed that the Realtor's name is Dusty Bottoms and she exclusively sells homes on Lustful Court.

The street is in a subdivision and no one could recall where the name originated. An elderly bystander claimed the subdivision developer chose the name after discovering his secretary fornicating with a potential buyer in the bedroom of the model home. With the cooperation of the secretary the subdivision sold out in record time.

When interviewed, several of the couples living on Lustful Court admitted to doing it in the road while observing the street sign. They claimed the street name was like an aphrodisiac which they did not want to lose. A few said they could see the sign from their bedroom window and used it as a sexual stimulant when their own lust level was running low.

Ms. Washington said she believes Dusty Bottoms is employing the same techniques as the developer's secretary to market homes for sale on the street.

Macon is about 90 miles south of Atlanta.

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