Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teen Girl Tricked Into Having Sex On Multiple Occasions

Cops: Teen Tricked Girl Into Sex

Bizarre scheme involved alleged threats from “drug dealers”

Ryne Anderson

AUGUST 27--A North Dakota man is facing felony charges for hatching the most harebrained scheme to get his ex-girlfriend to have sex with him.

Ryne Anderson, 18, dated the woman for “a period of time and then broke up,” according to a Grand Forks Police Department report. Over the subsequent months he told the woman, now 18, that his “life was in danger and that he needed help.” He claimed that drug dealers were watching both of them and that their lives were in danger unless “certain demands weren’t met within a specific timeframe.”

“It turned out that some of the demands were sexual in nature,” reported cop Travis Jacobson, who added that the victim was told that if “she didn’t go through with these demands that people would be hurt or even killed, including her and her family.”

Police and court documents provide no insight into why these purported drug dealers would want Anderson and the woman, who was 17 at the time, to engage in sexual activity (or how the victim fell for what seems to be a preposterous story). Anderson is pictured in the mug shot at left.

In February, Anderson arrived at the teen’s house and “stated that they better do what they needed to do.” The pair then engaged in sexual activity, which resulted in the filing of felony counts charging Anderson with sexual imposition and terrorizing.

Since the sexual encounter occurred when Anderson was 17, he was originally charged as a juvenile. But the case against him was transferred last month to District Court, where he will now be tried as an adult.

Anderson, who starred on his high school's baseball team, is scheduled for a September 27 preliminary hearing.

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