Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Castration By Corkscrew

Renato Seabra reveals gory details of the castration of his gay lover


In an even more bizarre twist to an already bizarre murder, Renato Seabra, a 21 year-old male model and gay lover of Carlos Castro, 65, a Portuguese TV journalist, revealed that he had castrated Castro with a corkscrew. (Don't you just love the alliteration.)

Following the bloody castration, Seabra plunged the corkscrew into one of Castro's eyes.

It was not made clear by authorities or Seabra whether the castration of Castro with the corkscrew (there I go again) occurred before Castro was bludgeoned to death or after his death. If before death the castration would have been extremely painful, according to a Pakistani intern at a Muslim hospital on the fifth floor of a walk-up partly renovated building on White street in Tribeca, who spoke only on condition of not being a Muslim.

The corkscrew was described by a detective working the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as "ordinary." A noted criminal defense lawyer, who asked not to be identified, said being an ordinary corkscrew was good for the defense because it proved lack of premeditation. "If the castration was pre-meditated the castrator would have purchased an upscale corkscrew, available in any one of several upscale liquor stores in the upscale area surrounding the upscale hotel where the men shared a room, because of the international celebrity of the victim," according to the anonymous lawyer who was rather pompous and not very believable.

Seabra's elderly mother, interviewed in Portugal, told reporters that her son was a good, Christian boy who helped old ladies cross the street and never tortured a cat. Despite the mountain of evidence against her son, and his own confession to the slaying and brutal castration, Seabra's mother said it could not be true because her son was a good Christian boy. "He used to say as many as 15 Hail Mary's every week," she added.

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  1. Crap! That crazy Cantanheden (aka, the Castro killer) that copped that cursed Carlo Castro's cojones with a corkscrew is clearly a crackpot that can't keep his covetousness caged. I'm confident he'll be convicted and incarcerated.