Saturday, January 8, 2011

Une petite pour de incestueux?

Stephanie Seymour, 42, an exceptionally well endowed former Victoria's Secret and S.I. swim suit model was captured by paparazzi whilst vacationing on St. Barts with her 17 year-old son, Peter Brant, Jr. Stephanie, who has been at odds with her husband, Peter Brant (the couple had recently filed for divorce) was strutting her stuff in a stunning nude color bikini as she and her son were illustrating the principles of the Oedipal complex for fellow beach combers.

Mom appeared to be enjoying herself, taking care of junior.

The lipstick smeared junior appeared to be having a marvelous vacation sheltered in the arms of his attentive and caring mom.

Dad appeared to be left out.

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  1. I want her to adopt me. I don't care that I'm older.