Monday, January 24, 2011

New York Man Sues Vegas Escort Service For Non-Consensual Sex

Claims stripper took advantage of him while drunk

A New York man filed a federal lawsuit against a Las Vegas escort service for providing him an unsolicited sex act while he was drunk.

The man, Hubert Blackman's pro se complaint suggests remedial work is needed in English. His complaint reads: “An excort had did an illegal sexual act on me during her paid service to me. The excort had broke the law.”

Black told a Vegas newspaper that local police threatened to arrest him when he complained to them about the escort service's illegal services. He was disappointed because the stripper provided by the service didn’t stay the full hour as promised. He also said he was so drunk that he was unable to make an informed decision about what services the stripper was to provide and didn't want to be charged with engaging in illegal sex acts.

Blackman asked the court to close the business, identified as Las Vegas Exclusive Personals, refund his $275 payment and award him $1.8 million in damages for the “tragic event that happened.”

Officials for the escort service told local media it is not involved in prostitution and that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and the lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Reno.

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