Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shamed father kills daughter

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December 26, 2010 - AP

BAGHDAD: An Iraqi man told police he killed his 19-year-old daughter out of shame after he discovered al-Qaeda had recruited her as a suicide bomber.

Al-Qaeda has been recruiting women for suicide attacks because they can pass police checkpoints more easily than men by concealing explosives under an abaya, a loose cloak that some conservative Muslim women wear.

The killing of the young woman was discovered when security forces, searching for her on suspicion she had ties to al-Qaeda, raided her father's home outside the former Sunni-insurgent stronghold of Baquba, 60 kilometres north-east of Baghdad, police spokesman Major Ghalib al-Karkhi said.
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The father, Najim al-Anbaky, was detained during the raid.


  1. It's just as well that her father killed her because she was going to kill herself as a suicide bomber. So why should the dad be charged for speeding up her death and preventing the death of perhaps hundreds of other victims? The law should have a provision for unprosecution for murder when the murder victim intended to murder herself. Sort of like the uncatchable pass in professional football.

  2. They don't play U.S. football in Iran. They play soccer and call it futbol. They would never understand your analogy, dunderhead. They go by the laws made up by a woman, named Sharia. This shows there is no discrimination against women in Muslim countries. Sharia made up all the laws and Muslim women are equally free to blow themselves up just like Muslim men.