Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunt On For Cross-Eyed Opossum In Texas

How do you find a cross-eyed opossum?

January 12, 2011
Coyote, TX

Becky Oglethorpe, of San Angelo, examines the grill of her car in hopes of finding a slightly injured opossum that could be nursed back to health and used to claim a $25 reward.

Not to be outdone by Germans, loyal Texans vowed to search for a cross-eyed opossum in every nook and cranny of the vast state. The newly created (yesterday)Texas National Opossum Society (TNOS), dedicated to the protection of the homely creatures, was announced in Coyote at the first ever World Opossum Festival.

Organizers of the hastily organized Opossum Festial, attended by a throng of 7 or 8 persons, announced plans to open a 10,000 acre opossum preserve near Coyote. Edgar Huckingson, a local rancher, has offered to lease 10,000 acres of his Rocky Raccoon Ranch to the TNOS at nominal cost. It was hoped by the TNOS's newly appointed Director, Claudette Crammerstone, that revenues from the expected 1,000's of tourists would bring a bonanza of spending to the region sufficient to eliminate the county property tax.

In her first official act, Crammerstone announced the formation of a committee consisting of all unpregnant adult residents of Coyote to find a cross-eyed opossum residing in Texas, similar to the one in the Leipzig Zoo. (See photo) A $25 reward was announced for the first person to locate a cross-eyed opossum and bring it to the 10,000 acre Opossum Animal Preserve.

The mayor of Coyote said this was the biggest thing to happen in Coyote since the original coyote, for which the town is named, dropped dead in the middle of the road, in 1946.

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