Friday, January 28, 2011

Woman to Avoid in Pool Hall Brawl

January 28, 2011 11:34 AM

PORTSMOUTH — A Greenland woman is charged with a felony alleging she attacked a man with a pool stick, causing a laceration to his face that required nine stitches to close.

Arrested on a felony count of second degree assault, Haley Hansler, 24, of 542 Portsmouth Ave., is accused of splitting the man's face with a deadly weapon, the pool stick, at Legend's Billiards & Tavern.

Due to Ms. Hanslers' reputation and a large mole on her face 4 officers were dispatched to the 80 Hanover Street bar on Dec. 23 at 12:20 a.m. On their arrival they found a very large bouncer, who weighed maybe 300 lbs., sitting on top of Hansler who was prone on the bar floor. It was not immediately clear how she got there but the bouncer was concerned she might get up. Immediately after the incident the bouncer resigned to take a job in a local bakery making cup cakes.

Back at the bar the victim was in another area of the bar holding a bloodied towel near his left eye and had “large amounts of blood on his face and hands.” The bloodied man told police Hansler accused him of being someone who raped her friend several years ago. When he objected to the claim Hansler became enraged and split the man's head open with a pool stick. Hansler claimed the man was her friend's rapist, who “came at her” and she feared for her safety so she swung the pool stick in self defense.

The victim refused medical treatment at the scene, but later went to the hospital where he received nine stitches and reported he was nauseous, couldn't focus properly and was having trouble with his depth perception. He declined to identify himself other than Joe Blow and paid cash.

Hansler is free on personal bond. The man she bashed is reportedly in hiding in Western Canada where he will seek political asylum. Hansler's court appointed attorney took out a peace bond against his client during the pendency of his representation of the woman, citing her reputation for violence.

According to news archives, in 2005 Hansler was charged with facilitating an underage house party after 22 people were taken into custody following a riot at her Portsmouth Avenue home. No one was severely injured and all refused to testify against Hansler, citing fear of being hit with a pool stick or a baseball bat.

Hansler's photo was so dangerous looking that it would not upload or we would have shown you what she looks like. Take our word for it, it was frightening.

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