Friday, January 14, 2011

New, 13th Zodiac Sign Called Obscene By Critics

Jan 14, 2011
N.Y., N.Y.

A new set of Zodiac signs, familiar to Eastern nations but not used in the West contains one additional, or 13th sign, Ophuchus, pronounced, Ohfuckus. The new sign runs from Nov. 29 to Dec. 17, and has angered many church leaders and local chambers of commerce because it conflicts with the prime shopping days before Christmas.

A spokesperson for the Rev. Billy Cupcake, 102, said Mr. Cupcake had tried to contact the advocates for the new Zodiac calendar but his calls were refused. An annoyed Mr. Cupcake retorted, ophuchem and went to play golf with his regular foursome: Judas, Stang, and the Archangel.

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  1. I had not picked up on the pronunciation of the new sign. Pretty phuching phunny.