Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bored Montana Men Fight Over Dog Biscuit

Scuffle over dog biscuit leads to arrest in Montana

Feb 06 2011

LIVINGSTON, Mont. — The long, snow bound winter months in Montana can test a man's patience. Trying to idle away hundreds of hours of inaction allow emotions to become pent up inside, festering, until they explode in a rage. Under such trying circumstances the only source of solace a Montana man can turn to is his dog. His dog is his connection with life, his soul mate, his emotional anchor.

That is why it is understandable that a Montana man has been charged with assault. When he saw his neighbor reaching over his fence to give his beloved Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, pictured above, a dog biscuit he reacted with fury, grabbing and throwing the offender up against a garage, in the mistaken belief the interloper was attempting to poison his dog. He was not, according to Livingston Police Chief Darren Raney.

Another neighbor, Hal Jones, who foolishly spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears for his life, said the dog's owner is a psychopathic killer with delusions of paranoia.

The biscuit giver was not injured and sought only to have the dog's owner put down.

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