Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Things Just Can't Be Overlooked

Police: Snowbound motorist in Chicago snaps

A Chicago man toiled for an hour or more shoveling wet, heavy snow to clear a parking space for his car during blizzard conditions. Exhausted, he ran to get his car but when he returned with his vehicle he found that a woman had taken the space and was adamant in her refusal to surrender the spot cleared by the motorist. When the woman exited her car, locked it, and turned to walk away... understandably, he shot her.

Arresting officers agreed the parking space theft was an egregious affront, but pointed out to the offended motorist that murder was not an acceptable way to resolve the dispute.

At a preliminary hearing the man pleaded innocent by reason of temporary insanity and was released by the magistrate on his own recognizance because, according to the judge, he did represent a danger to society, had long standing ties to the community, and was not considered a flight risk.

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