Saturday, February 19, 2011

School Security Guard Forced To Watch As Battling Moms Bare Boobs

Cops: School guard under siege in dueling boobs showdowns.

Feb. 18, 2011
Bradenton Beach, Fla.

Dorina Campesino, an excitable Florida mom with a nice rack, adopted an unusual technique to protest the display of another mom's cleavage in front of their children's school. The 42-year-old mom remonstrated with and got into a beef with the other mom who Campesino thought was exposing too much cleavage...

A school guard overheard the escalating dispute and, after a close inspection, sided with Cleavage Woman, (in the bikini suit) saying that as long as she wasn't exposing herself, i.e., bare nipples, she wasn't committing a crime. "There's no law against owning a nice rack," he explained.

But Campasino raged on and demanded the other mom cover up. In an effort to settle the dispute amicably, the guard asked both women to join him in a school locker room, in the basement, where the dispute could be discussed privately.

Once inside, Campesino removed her shirt, revealing a full frontal view of her own boobs and arguing that if the other mom could "show off" her boobs so could she. Faced by two angry moms, with their breasts exposed, the school guard continued the discussion for 3 1/2 hours, "to allow both women to have ample opportunity to air their grievances fully," and even offered to continue the discussion the following day, or at the guard's nearby apartment that evening. To preserve evidence, the guard took numerous photos of both mom's boobs with his personal cell phone, and, at Campesino's urging held the other woman's boobs in his hands and palpated them, to determine if they were real. Campesino contended it would be even more outrageous if the other mom's boobs were not even the real deal.

Once inside, Campesino, to emphasize her point, said, "And then I can just do this", grabbing her own boobs and squeezing them together to form her own batch of cleavage.

Campanesino's protest was an unusual approach not commonly encountered in a secondary education environment. But either Campesino's boobs failed to impress the guard, or the guard was more of a butt man, and therefore not impressed by either of the mom's boobs or butts. He advised both women to go home and strip for their husbands and boyfriends or same sex partners.

Campesino, however, continued the "boob off" until she ultimately was busted for disorderly conduct. The upside for Campensino is that her kids' friends now think they have a really cool mom, who got busted for her 'bust,' and would rather hang out at the Campesino's residence than their own homes, especially the male students.

When contacted, officials for the school district said it was not the district's policy to discuss the physical attributes of their student's parents but in this instance had relaxed the policy and reviewed surveillance footage of the two moms before taking any action. After a 5 1/2 hour closed door review, the all male school board agreed with the kids that Ms. Campesino was a clear winner of the "Boob-Off," and asked that all charges against her be withdrawn.

In gratitude, Ms. Campesino offered to remove her jeans also but was informed by the board chair, after a 5-4 vote, that the board had seen sufficient evidence.

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