Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Biggest Boobs - 38KKK And Counting

Feb. 27, 2011
Houston, TX

A Houston woman, Sheyla Hershey, 28, claims the distinction, distraction or misfortune of having the largest boobs on the planet, a 38KKK size. Ms. Hershey (no relation to the candy people) had to go to Brazil to get her breasts enlarged because she has exceeded the limit permitted by Texas law. It's not clear why the male dominated Texas legislature decided to pass a law that would have the effect of limiting the size of women's breasts, but it did.

The state that brags about everything being bigger in Texas would seem like the most unlikely state in America to set limits on the amount of silicone that women can have implanted in their chests. That amount currently is 1 quart per boob. Can you imagine what it would do to Texas' image if the world's biggest boobs belonged to a skinny peasant woman in Uzbekistan?

Hershey has undergone 19 surgeries to obtain her current boob size but doesn't want to stop there. In the attached video her boobs are described as size 34 FFF. But she has added a little more heft since then, via additional surgeries. A model, who lives and works in Brazil, Hershey wants to keep on growing. She says her humongous boobs have helped with her self-esteem.

They probably have not helped her balance, however.

P.S. There is another U.S. woman who some claim has even larger boobs than Sheyle. At BS we have a video of this woman but it's in an unusual format and we haven't been able to get it to post, yet. But we're continuing to work on it.


  1. Only Andre the Giant could have held those in his hands. For the rest of us mere mortals, it would be like (trying) to hold a beach ball.

  2. I disagree, Anonymous. Maybe Andre is the only one who could hold one of those in one hand, but mere mortals like me, for instance, can certainly hold a beach ball in both of our hands.