Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Suicide Epidemic Spans California, Texas and England

Three men try to off themselves, two botch the job

Michael Fleming, 56, of Oakland, CA (inset), tried to commit suicide by slashing his own throat and wrists after murdering his wife. At his trial he claimed to have suffered amnesia as a result of blood loss and couldn't recall what happened. It didn't work.

A Duncanville, TX man, Marcial Anguiano (small inset), attempted to slit his own throat in open court after being sentenced to 40 years in prison. The man, apparently in denial, asked the judge to repeat the number of years he said. When the judge did, the man pulled out a razor blade and began to cut his own throat. He was subdued by court deputies after bleeding on courtroom benches and a railing and will be charged with misdemeanor damage to public property after serving his 40 year sentence.

Also, a 23 year-old British man walked into a busy Woolworth's store in Penzanze, England, although he was not a pirate (get it, Pirates of Penzance?), grabbed a sharp Stanley knife in the hardware section, which he used to scare the hell out of customers before using the knife to cut his own jugular and bleed out within minutes. There was no photo available of the man but shown above is the British police cruiser which came to the scene too late.

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