Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prison Inmate Safe-Guards New "Safe" Soap

Prison officials in Iowa find innovative solution to reduce prison rape

February 4, 2011 by Dead Serious News

Determined to reduce the incidence of rape in their prisons, the Iowa Department of Corrections has found an inexpensive solution. Standard bars of soap in the showers will be replaced with ‘soap on a rope’.

An unidentified inmate (right) glances nervously over his shoulder while carrying his new issue of safe soap back to his cell. 'Cecil,' not his real name, claims to have been raped more than 500 times in the past 3 years while showering. "I'm hoping this new soap on a rope will reduced that number significantly," said 'Cecil.' "I like to take regular showers to stay clean, but the constant threat of being 'jammed up' in the shower causes me to skip many needed baths."

The Iowa Department of Corrections hired The Sodomy Prevention Group to consult on the matter. The contract, funded in part with Federal stimulus money, cost the state $3.1 million. By viewing thousands of hours of security video footage, as well as inmate interviews, The Sodomy Prevention Group determined that approximately 82% of prison rapes started with a dropped bar of soap in the shower. Their findings concluded that soap on a rope would save the state $853,349 annually in inmate medical costs, mostly for hemorrhoid cream and anal reconstructive surgery.

Critics have been quick to criticize the measure, most of whom blame the preponderance of Greco-Roman wrestling and gladiator movies available on the prison’s internal television network. Cyrus MacDuff, a government watchdog, claims that this programming costs the taxpayers of Iowa over $1.8 million per year in royalty fees. “By cutting this programming, taxpayers could save money and stop the advance of the homosexual agenda in Iowa,” claims MacDuff. Prison officials have been quick to refute his assertions, however.

Iowa Department of Corrections officials will be using prison labor to manufacture the soap on a rope. About a quarter of inmates who currently make license plates will be moved over to soap production. Iowans will need to wait a little longer for their license plates as a result. But many Iowans can rest a little easier knowing their imprisoned loved ones won't have to sleep on their backs all night.

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