Sunday, October 3, 2010

British Man Awarded Damages For Sexual Harassment By Co-Worker's Breasts

A gay man is awarded £62,500 by English court for hurt feelings after being sexually harassed by a female colleague.

Heathrow security guard Allwyn Rondeau, pictured above, told how his life was ruined by Matilda Chilton.

In one incident, Ms. Chilton was said to 'wobble her breasts' at the 47-year-old and told him he 'wouldn't know what to do with a woman anyway'.

Psychiatrist Dr Neil Brener told the tribunal in Reading that Ms Chilton's attitude left Mr Rondeau 'quite traumatised'. Ms. Chilton would 'jiggle' her substantial breasts in his face and challenge him to grab them.

Judge Richard Byrne ruled Mr Rondeau had been discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation and awarded him a total of £62,500, which included money for loss of earnings.

'It wasn't the money that was important – it was justice that I wanted,' said Mr Rondeau, of Devon, whilst bicycling to the bank to deposit his award cheque.


  1. On a separate note, it's been reported the Mr. Rondeau has won an eBay bid for a phallic and scrotum appropriate cucumber from hungary.