Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hungarian Woman Arrested For Displaying Obscene Cucumber

Cops bust woman with porno cucumber

Budapest or Somewhere in Hungary

A couple of days ago, maybe.

A Hungarian woman who was returning from shopping at a local fresh produce market was detained by police when she showed several friends her groceries. Police cited the woman for the public display of an obscene object, a cucumber she had purchased at the produce market.

At a hastily called hearing, a magistrate heard the woman's plea that she had not purchased the cucumber to eat but to use as a dildo when her husband, who travels, was away for an extended period. Dildos are not illegal in Hungary and the judge dismissed all charges against her.


  1. That's too fucking funny. I can't make any comment funnier than the picture. It's just too fucking funny.

  2. I thought it would make a great teaching tool for early biology or human anatomy courses. You just can't get across certain concepts without the use of natural examples.