Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dad, Dear Old Dad; Bring Me the Smack

Sh*t My Dad Smuggles In His Anus To Me In Prison

A father - son team hatched a business plan to smuggle a golf ball-sized piece of black tar heroin to the son, imprisoned in the federal Super-Max prison in Florence, CO.

The son was supposed to sell the dope to fellow inmates and the duo would make $22,000 on the deal. Dad wrapped the smack in plastic and hid it in his anus.

On arrival, Dad would transfer the smack from his own anus to his own mouth, then to his son's mouth via a kiss; son would swallow the heroin and retrieve it from his own anus later. Sound perfect?

They forgot that their telephone calls, working out the plan, were monitored by prison officials. When dad arrived with the loot he was strip searched, the plastic bag protruding from his skanky anus was seized, and he was busted and charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute. Dad also gave up his son as a co-conspirator in the plot. The son has not yet been charged.

From: The Smoking Gun

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