Wednesday, March 30, 2011

17 Year-Old "Entitled" Florida Society Girl Pistol Whips Mom To Force Car Purchase

Cops Say Ivy League-Bound Girl, 17, Pulled 9 mm Sig Sauer on Her Own Mom to Force Car Purchase


A 17-year-old Florida honor student is being held in juvenile detention over an incident in which she pulled a 9 mm Sig Sauer on her own mother, pistol-whipped her and ordered her, at gunpoint, to go to a local car dealership and co-sign for a car the teenager wanted to buy.

Apparently fearful of interfering with Rachel Anne Hachero's status as an honor student at the exclusive Canterbury School in Fort Myers, as well as the scholarships she has reportedly been offered to attend several Ivy League colleges, her mother declined to press charges over the incident, according to the Naples Daily News and the News-Press.

However, Lee County sheriff's deputies charged Hachero anyway. She faces counts of battery; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill; and unlawful possession of a firearm by a person younger than 18.

It is unclear what is going to happen with the car for which Hachero's mother co-signed, a black 2004 Nissan 350Z. The vehicle is highly prized among teenagers and other young people for being "hot." In this instance it is so "hot" it may put the teenager behind bars.

The handgun used by Hachero reportedly was previously stolen along with other weapons during a burglary......, like maybe by her boyfriend? This chick is looking for trouble.

The teen's unidentified mother referred a newspaper request for comment to attorney Jay Brizel, who declined to discuss the case. A spokeswoman for the high school also had no comment.

No one is talking but Hachero may be the courthouse without the wheels.


  1. Sheesh, my own daughter, years ago, as a tennager gave me HELL and fight for me to buy her a car. Long story, but not a year later, car gone, LOT of money gone. Big regret. I was sooo pissed at her i couldn't see straight.

  2. PwoodeeCoo - You should have pistol whipped her. It works and you could still see straight,