Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High and Low Level Talks Continue

Unidentified key federal officials discuss whether to have shrimp cocktails or each other for lunch...........mmmmm, mmmm.....good

March 21,2011

Facing twin crises in the U.S. led attack on Libya and the proposed AT&T, T-Mobile merger federal officials close to both situations and to each other huddled Monday to decide the future of their illicit relationship. Libya's embattled absolute dictator, Muammar Qaddafi (sp.? why can't Muslims agree on a single, common spelling of their names and organizations?) and veteran German battle-axe, Angela Merkel are seen here discussing ways to increase tourism between the two nations.

Qaddafi has warned western leaders that the flow of tourist money to West European nations and the U.S. could dry up if allied forces continue to bomb and kill or maim Libya's ruling elite. Only upper class Libyans can afford the ridiculous prices in Western Europe so they are the only source of tourism from Libya to Western Europe.

****BS special* BizarreStuff's editorial staff has just learned that the two individuals in the accompanying file photo are not Colonel (why hasn't he promoted himself to General after all these years?) Qaddafi or Ms. Merkel. Sorry. We are not sure who they are but are pretty sure they are not discussing official business.

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