Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The One You Can't Tell Your Friends About

Eight Foot 375 Pound Shark Jumps into Texas Fisherman's Boat

Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2011

The Associated Press

FREEPORT, Texas -- It's the catch of a lifetime, but it's not clear whether a Texas fisherman landed an 8-foot shark or it landed him.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Kresse (KRES'-ee) of Freeport says he and two crew members were dumping fish guts in the Gulf of Mexico about 3:45 a.m. Monday when they heard splashes in the distance and then something hit the side of their 25-foot boot.

A shark in an apparent rush to feed had jumped into the back and was thrashing around. Kresse says the crew couldn't get close to the 375-pound fish to toss it back in the water.

Out of water, the fish died an agonizing death several hours later.

The shark is on display at a seafood business in Freeport, about 55 miles south of Houston. Kresse says he plans to have it mounted. The shark was not asked its opinion about being displayed dead.

On arrival in port with the giant, dead fish, which had to be removed from his boat with a fork lift, Kresse was required to purchase a shark fishing permit.

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