Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Casanova For the Ages - It Was the Moped That Did It - Hot

Female Cop Rejects Moped Man's Sex Bribe
Suspect, 22, busted for illicit offer of sex that backfired

MARCH 14--When a female cop pulled him over last night for driving his moped erratically on an Indiana interstate, Adam Yarbrough, who thinks of himself as a ladies man, first tried to bribe the officer with $5, then with a kiss, and finally upped the ante to a promise to have sex with her. Wow! Try to imagine the look of shock on this Don Juan's face when his multiple offers were declined.

Instead, Officer Christin Rudell managed to resist the irresistible Lothario's three-pronged offer and busted Yarbrough for felony bribery, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. The dashing Yarbrough is pictured in the mug shot above, wearing his irrisistible face.

Yarbrough was pulled over at 11:45 pm last night after Rudell spotted him “swerving in his lane” on his green moped. After Rudell, 31, ticketed him for several vehicular infractions, Yarbrough said, "How about we call it even and I give you five dollars and you just get rid of this ticket and let me go?"

Though Rudell explained that “there would be no exchange and that he needed to take the citation,” Yarbrough persisted. This time, according to the report, Yarbrough said, “OK if you won't take the money how about I give you a kiss? And well I haven't had sex in a while so how about we do that, too?"

Rudell then arrested Yarbrough for attempted bribery.

Yarbrough “continued to make sexually explicit remarks” and yell profanities, Rudell noted, adding that she asked him several times to lower his voice. When he refused to comply, the cop added disorderly conduct to his charges.

Yarbrough is being held in lieu of $120,000 bond at the Marion County jail.

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