Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bad Hair Day - Or Half-Assed Mohawk

Why Arguing in the Middle of a Haircut Can Lead to a Bad Result

Correction, March 25, 2011

When this item was first posted, on March 10, the editor made a small error and used the wrong photo for Mr. Davis. While the photo posted originally was indeed a photo of a really bad hairdo, it definitely was not a Half-Assed Mohawk.

The correct photo of Mr. Davis and his half-assed Mohawk is reproduced here. The editor doesn't know who the other dude with the weird hair is but he probably could use some of the same advice one would dispense to Mr. Davis: "Get a better barber and enroll in an anger management class.

While on the subject we decided to add another off-beat hairdo that sort of looks Mohawkish in a bizarre kind of way but really isn't, just bad. The editors don't know who he is either but he could use some orthodontic work as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

With a name like David Davis (yes, that’s right) and a hairstyle like his, you’d know better than to bug the man in the middle of his haircut, right?

But apparently someone didn’t listen, which led to a ghastly incident with some scissors and a very unusual haircut. Following an exchange of harsh words with his barber that degenerated into physical violence, an angry Mr. Davis ran out of the hair salon where he was being groomed, leaving carnage in his wake, but was soon caught.

It was not clear how police were able to locate him so quickly.

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