Monday, March 14, 2011

Newspeak for Total Disaster, Complete Failure, Inevitable Catastrophe

March 14, 2011

Nuclear fuel rods

News outlets, government spokespersons, public officials even scientists have gradually developed a new, bland form of speech which converts really, really, really bad news into something that doesn't sound so bad, like saying Charles Manson had a difficult childhood or Adolph Hitler was moved around too much as a boy.

In the story below we read that nuclear fuel rods in a Japanese nuclear reactor are FULLY EXPOSED, meaning about the worst possible scenario you can think of. So, the news writer informs us in bland, news speak that it is a "troubled nuclear reactor."

Troubled? Yes,it is certainly "troubled." It is in catastrophic mode and all hell is poised to break loose. Why doesn't the reporter write: "The odds are very, very good that several million Japanese are going to be glowing in the dark in a couple of days?"

I mean that is the real story and the real news. It's bad. Very bad! So say so, already.

And where are the authorities "racing" to? One would think they were already doing something, not racing to do something.

*** Breaking News***Tokyo Electric Power Co. says fuel rods are fully exposed at a troubled nuclear reactor. That reactor and two others at the plant are dangerously overheating and authorities are racing to prevent meltdown.

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